We are looking for telemedicine partner to support our launch

Are you an existing Telemedicine Platform that is focused on men’s sexual health? We would love to consider a partnership with you. Hydralast represents a paradigm shift in ED Solutions. Sign up of you have an interest and we will contact you.   

Do you want to be part
of the ED paradigm shift

Are you a Doctor whose practice is focused on men’s sexual health? Register to join our preferred list of prestigious doctors who understand how important adding our special ingredients (hydration drink with added natural herbs such as Maca and red spinach, and added nutrients, such as B6, B12, and magnesium)  to the medication that you always prescribe today is to men who are looking for an enhanced sexual experience.

 A listing with your information will be made available on our web-site. We will collect patient information as well as a questionnaire that we will direct to you and will allow you to prescribe efficiently. 

Do you want to prescribe Hydralast?

Doctors who understand the significance of hydration and the value of the nutrients that are added to the same medication that you prescribe today should sign up here.  Sign up and we will provide you with detailed information to get started including a prescription form.

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